Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas calls for boycotting Israeli occupation, ending normalisation

15 February, 20

Hamas official Abdel Rahman Shadid has urged for an inclusive boycott of the Israeli occupation, calling for fighting off Israeli colonial plans in the occupied West Bank.

In a press release, Shadid lauded the release of a list of companies linked to illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank by the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Boycotts and an end to normalisation are key steps to besiege the Israeli occupation government, which is trying to impose a fait accompli on the ground by building further settlement and outposts on occupied Palestinian land, Shadid stressed. 

The Hamas official called on Arab states rushing to normalise ties with the Israeli occupation to put an end to this policy, stressing “The occupation is an illegitimate entity, which is still stealing land and trying to impose solutions with the help of US interference.”

Shadid urged for mobilising of UN support for Palestinian rights to boycott illegal Israeli settlements, calling for a national campaign to boycott Israeli goods and criminalise cooperation with the Israeli occupation and its illegal settlements at all levels.