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UN: Israeli occupation detained 188 Palestinians in two weeks in West Bank

11 March, 20

The Israeli occupation has demolished or confiscated 15 Palestinian buildings in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem over the past two weeks, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said.

In its “Protection of Civilians” report covering the period between Feb. 18 and March 2, OCHA explained that home demolitions carried out by the Israeli occupation military had left 33 people displaced and affected about 100 others.

Six of these buildings lie in five communities in southern Hebron, five of them were provided in humanitarian aid for Palestinians and the last one is caravan used as a storage room at a school in the southernmost West Bank village of Susiya, which is facing the threat of forced displacement.  

Since the start of this year, 89 Palestinian structures were either demolished or confiscated by the Israeli occupation army, marking a slight decrease in demolitions compared to the same period of 2019, in which 95 buildings were demolished, according to the OCHA report,

Over the last two weeks, 188 Palestinians, including 17 children, were injured by Israeli gunfire as Israeli occupation forces suppressed anti-occupation protests across the occupied West Bank.

Israeli occupation troops shot and injured 250 other Palestinians, including 60 children, while attacking two protests against illegal Israeli settlement expansion in Beita village south of Nablus. 

The UN report documented 147 search and arrest campaigns launched across the occupied West Bank, in which Israeli occupation forces detained 188 Palestinians, including 17 children, with 33 of them being carried out in Ramallah, 30 others in Jerusalem and 27 others in Hebron.

Two Palestinians were injured and up to 850 Palestinian trees were uprooted in attacks and raids by Israeli settlers on Palestinian villages and towns, the UN report pointed out.

On February 21, a gang of Israeli settlers, accompanied by dogs assaulted two Palestinians after breaking into Ras Al Auja community in northern Jericho.

In three separate raids on the West Bank village of al-Khadir on February 27 and 28, Israeli settlers chopped down nearly 100 olive trees and 450 grape vines.

In addition, Israeli settlers razed 200 olive trees in al-Mughayyir village in Ramallah and vandalised 100 olive and grape trees owned by farmers from the Husan village.

Since January 2020, Israeli settlers have damaged more than 1,000 Palestinian-owned trees, vandalised 18 Palestinian vehicles, and painted racist and anti-Palestinian graffiti on the walls of two homes in several raids on Nablus.

On February 23 and 24, 12 Palestinian civilians were injured in Israeli aerial attacks on the Gaza Strip after Israeli occupation forces shot dead a Palestinian and desecrated his body at Gaza’s eastern fence.

In at least 37 incidents, Israeli occupation forces opened fire into the areas adjacent to Gaza’s eastern fence and off the coast of the blockaded enclave as part of the ongoing access restrictions imposed by the Israeli occupation on the Gaza Strip. 

On February 22, the report noted, Israeli occupation forces gunned down a young Palestinian man in the Old City in occupied Jerusalem.