Palestinians determined to preserve national identity, says Hamas official

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The Palestinian people at home and abroad uphold their national identity and stick to their lands and their right to resist the occupation with all means possible until ending the occupation, Raafat Morra, head of Hamas’ Media Division Abroad, said.

In a press release on the 44th anniversary of Palestinian Land Day, which marks March 30, Morra explained that such anniversary is a means to revive the Palestinian cause and reiterate Palestinian rejection of the “deal of the century”.

The Palestinian Land Day, Morra continued, represents a clear message to the Israeli occupation that the Palestinian people at home, abroad, and in the diaspora are united against the occupation and aspire to establish their independent state on all Palestinian territories.

The Hamas official called on all Palestinian factions, institutions, and journalists to mark this national occasion in a way that highlights “its essence and goals as a historical Palestinian milestone engraved in the Palestinians’ memories”.

Morra explained that the Palestinian Land Day is a national anniversary to commemorate freedom and dignity and a milestone of the honourable Palestinian struggle against the Israeli occupation.