Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on Palestine Land Day anniversary

31 March, 20

March 30, 2020 marks the 44th anniversary of Palestinian Land Day, in which the Palestinians residing in the Triangle, the Galilee, and the Naqab desert protested against settlement expansion policy and Israeli attempts to displace them from their lands.

It is the day on which the Palestinian people demonstrated against Zionist gangs that confiscated Palestinian land and made great sacrifices for the sake of their homeland. The Palestinians have nowhere to exist but Palestine; thus, defending and persevering it is a national duty, which is not subject to compromise.

March 30, which marks the Palestinian Land Day, revives the memories of the Palestinians defending their lands against the Israeli occupation in despite of suppression, intimidation, racial discrimination, land grab, home demolitions and confirms once again that the Palestinian people will stick to their lands and are ready to make sacrifices for it at any cost. 

This anniversary comes as a deadly pandemic is threatening the entire human race. However, the Israeli occupation takes advantage of the coronavirus outbreak to continue its assaults on Palestinian territory and people. Under these circumstances, the Israeli occupation also continues to grab more land and proceed with its abominable settlement expansion on further mountains and hills.

The Israeli occupation would be deluded if it thought that that the Palestinians would give up their lands and surrender. The Palestinian people everywhere will stick to their lands and remain committed to the path of liberation.  

On the anniversary of Land Day, Hamas states the following:

First: We salute all martyrs killed on Land Day and the martyrs gunned down during the Great Return March protests, which broke out on the anniversary of this day.  

Second: Resistance is the only path towards liberation and freedom. Compromises, and the Israeli occupation have no future.

Third: We hail the Palestinian people for standing steadfast and resilient in the face off all plans and projects orchestrated by the Israeli occupation to uproot and displace them from their lands.

Fourth: Hamas reiterates its absolute and clear rejection of the “deal of the century” aimed to legitimise the occupation. Meanwhile, Hamas reaffirms its refusal of the so-called “Jewish nation-state” law, which denies the Palestinians of their legal and political rights as landowners and natives resident of historical Palestine.  

Fifth: The Palestinian people who staged intifadas (uprisings) to defend their lands and holy sites have become more determined to restore their rights and defend their constants and holy sites and capable of ending the Israeli occupation.

Sixth: The Palestinian people who have made sacrifices throughout 100 years of occupation deserve support from everyone in their quest for freedom.

Seventh: This anniversary will remain a point of consensus among all Palestinian factions and will be a starting point for every call for true reconciliation on the basis of sticking to Palestinian rights and rejecting to forfeit any inch of land and cooperate or coordinate with the Israeli occupation at any cost.

Eight: We urge the Palestinian people to follow instructions of the National Committee of the Great Return March and raise the Palestinian flag on their homes as activities and protests to commemorate this anniversary will not be held due to the COVID-19 pandemic.