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Land Day: Israeli occupation demolished more than 170,000 Palestinian houses since 1976

31 March, 20

The Israeli occupation has demolished more than 170,000 Palestinian housing units and confiscated up to 21,000 dunums (about 5.2 million acres) since the Land Day in 1976, a Land Research Centre has said.

In a report issued on the 44th anniversary of Palestinian Land Day, the NGO pointed out that more than three million trees accross the occupied Palestinian territories had been uprooted either by Israeli occupation forces or settlers since 1976.

The Israeli occupation has built a 700-km expansionist apartheid wall and more than 1,400 settler-only roads and erected nearly 900 military checkpoints and gates across the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian NGO group explained.

The Jerusalem-based organisation added that the Israeli occupation had built 528 illegal settlement and outposts on occupied Palestinian land, noting that the number of Israeli settlers living in the occupied West Bank has surpassed 850,000.

Citing many raids and attacks on Palestinian villages and towns across the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian NGO pointed out that the Israeli occupation incites its settlers to assault Palestinian civilians, including shepherds and their livestock, vandalise Palestinian-owned properties and vehicles, and uproot trees and plants. 

The Israeli occupation expands its settlements, illegal under international law, and issues demolition and displacement orders against Palestinians incapable of taking a legal action during such adverse circumstances, the NGO concluded.