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Report: Israeli occupation detained 54 Palestinian children in March

02 April, 20

Israeli occupation forces have detained 250 Palestinians, including 54 children and six women, over the past month, Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies.

In a statement on Thursday, the group explained that the Israeli occupation is putting the lives of Palestinians at risk through unabated arrests in these exceptional circumstances as the entire world is battling the coronavirus outbreak.

The Israeli occupation has released many Israeli prisoners, while intensifying its arrests against Palestinians, including sick and elderly people, in complete disregard for the consequences of their detention, interrogation, and suppression, the group added.   

Last month, the Israeli occupation has detained eight residents of the Gaza Strip, three of them are merchants arrested while traveling through the Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing in northern Gaza.

Palestinian women and minor have faced arrests at the hands of Israeli occupation forces, the group continued, documenting the detention of 54 minors, most of whom from occupied Jerusalem, and six women and girls. 

Israeli practices against the Palestinian detainees reflect an appalling disregard for their lives, as the Israeli prison service refuses to take any precautionary measures, including disinfecting prison sections and cells and testing the prisoners for coronavirus, raising the spectre of a potential COVID-19 outbreak, the Palestinian group pointed out.

The Gaza-based organisation demonstrated that the Israeli prison service had denied the Palestinian detainees of dozens of products, including sanitation supplies and soup.     

Since the last month, the group noted, the situation in Israeli prisons has been very tense as the Israeli occupation continues to neglect to protect the Palestinian detainees from coronavirus. 

According to the rights group, Israeli occupation courts issued 65 administrative detention orders, 40 of them were issued for the first time against Palestinians, most of whom are freed prisoners who were rearrested and placed under administration detention, whereas the other 25 orders were made to renew the administrative detention for a period of time ranging from two to six months.

The group advocating for Palestinian detainees’ rights called on international organisations to immediately intervene to put an end to Israeli arrests against Palestinians at this time and release Palestinian children, women, sick and elderly held in Israeli jails.

The NGO organisation urged the World Health Organisation (WHO) to send a medical team urgently to Israeli prisons to monitor the “crime committed against the Palestinian detainees amid such disregard for their lives.”