Hamas Islamic Resistance

Report: 2400 Palestinian detainees since October

29 November, 15

Palestinian Information Center

Detainees and Ex-detainees Committee revealed that the number of arrests among Palestinians mounted to 2400 including 1200 cases against minors since the beginning of Jerusalem Intifada on the first of last October. 

A report issued by the committee showed that 500 cases of administrative detention were recorded. The number of Palestinian prisoners who are already detained in Israeli jails jumped to 7000 including 430 minors, 40 women and 20 others arrested after being shot by Israeli gunfire.

The committee pointed out that the Israeli occupation army has committed crimes against Palestinian captives including execution instead of arrest and leaving the wounded pleading for long hours without receiving medical aid. Israeli crimes also included kidnapping the injured captives from hospitals as well as torturing and abusing detainees especially the minors.

The report stated that Israeli forces used police dogs in attacking the arrested Palestinians and used the captives as human shields. Other crimes included demolition of houses of Palestinians, detaining the bodies of martyrs and setting new laws legitimizing the arrest and trial of minors and detaining them for long periods. 

On the occasion of the Solidarity Day with the Palestinian People, the committee called on the United Nations to accelerate the provision of international protection for the Palestinian people and prisoners. it also called for sending committees to investigate the Israeli violations of the UN resolutions and conventions, the international humanitarian law and all humanitarian and democratic norms.