Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on Netanyahu’s remarks about Israeli prisoners held in Gaza

08 April, 20

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is broadcasting a propaganda regarding his concerns is to bring back home Israeli soldiers held by the Palestinian resistance. He is just making media statements with no action on the ground.  

We warn the Israeli occupation that opportunities are not always available. If Israeli decision makers do not take the chance, they will be forced to negotiate a prisoner swap deal in more complicated circumstances. We hold the Israeli occupation government responsible for the life of every Palestinian detainee, especially sick and elderly ones.    

We stress that the Israeli occupation knows what is needed to hammer out a prisoner exchange deal, and this is not offered through media. And the Palestinian resistance has always been ready for a swap deal, but the Israeli occupation has hindered efforts in this regard.

Our flexibility depends on how well the Israeli occupation handles al-Sinwar’s proposal.

Will it miss this opportunity, just like the previous ones, or take it seriously?