Hamas Islamic Resistance

Prisoners’ Day: Hamas to continue struggle for Palestinian detainees with all means

16 April, 20

The issue of Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails is a national cause with political, humanitarian, and social dimensions, head of Hamas’ Media Division Abroad Rafat Morra has said.

In a press release on the Palestinian Prisoners' Day, Morra stressed that Hamas along with all Palestinian resistance factions, strongly backed by the Palestinian people, will continue the struggle to release all Palestinians held in Israeli prisons with all means possible.  

“We are constantly working to keep their issue alive and constant in all political and legal forums,” Morra added. “We’ll spare no effort for their freedom and the dignity of their families.”

The Hamas official explained that the Palestinian Prisoners’ Day is a national occasion reflecting “the supreme status and ultimate importance of the issue of Palestinian detainees in our political vision and the Palestinian society.”

The Palestinian detainees have brought glory to the Palestinian struggle against the occupation and made a record of national achievements that all the Palestinian people are proud of, Morra concluded.