Hamas Islamic Resistance

We’re committed to releasing Palestinians detainees: Hamas chief abroad

19 April, 20

Hamas chief abroad Maher Salah restated his movement’s commitment to continue the efforts to release Palestinian detainees from Israeli prisons.

In a press release marking the Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, Salah reiterated that the issue of Palestinian detainees is on top of Hamas’ list of priorities, adding that this occasion is an “opportunity for Palestinian unity and joint work for a national cause to unify efforts in order to face the challenges and dangers together.”

“We are committed to communicating your issue to the whole world and we are working on different political, media, legal, and human rights levels among others to defend you, call for your legitimate rights and work on releasing you,” Maher added.

Maher continued: “We’ll dedicate the capabilities of the Palestinian people abroad to support you [ the Palestinian detainees], serve your cause, and defend it.”

Amid the coronavirus pandemic which poses a threat to their lives, Maher called for more international pressure to be placed on the Israeli occupation to immediately release the sick Palestinian detainees and protect them against the deadly virus.