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Palestinian ministry: 180 Palestinian minors facing coronavirus in Israeli jails

19 April, 20

The Palestinian Ministry of Education has called for an immediate release of all Palestinian students and children held in Israeli prisons amid fears arising from the coronavirus pandemic.

The Israeli occupation is holding nearly 180 Palestinian minors in detention, the Ministry added in a press release on the Palestinian Prisoners’ Day.

Since the start of this year, the Ministry continued, Israeli occupation forces detained 210 Palestinians under the age of 18.

The Ministry stressed that Palestinian children are held in harsh detention conditions in an appalling violation of international law and conventions.    

Highlighting the psychological and social implications that Palestinian children experience either in detention or after being released and denied from pursing their studies, the Ministry pointed out the suffering of Jerusalemite children, who face home arrest and threats from Israeli occupation forces and are detained in tragic psychological and health conditions.

Jerusalem witnessed the highest number of detentions among children compared to other Palestinian cities, the Ministry noted, calling for a decisive position towards Israeli violations in the holy city, including “Israelisation policies” and attempts to undermine the Palestinian national identity.

The Ministry confirmed that it would raise the issue of Palestinian detainees in the education establishment through curriculum and extra-curricular activities.