Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on formation of Israeli government

21 April, 20

On the agreement between Netanyahu and Gantz to form the Israeli government, Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum stated the following:  


The Israeli coalitions and their extremist agendas which have competed for and agreed on abolishing the Palestinians’ rights, annexing the Palestinian lands, and establishing a Jewish state will not scare us. Rather, they confirm that all bets on a so-called ‘peace process’ in the region are losing and are aimed to disseminate illusion.  

This step proves our convictions and positions that the Israeli occupation is an enemy of the Palestinian people and that it poses a great threat to the region.   

Such move will increase our determination to stick to all Palestinian rights and continue resisting the Israeli occupation with all means possible.

These Israeli coalition should encourage the Palestinian people to scramble to formulate a unified, national strategy based on embracing the option of resistance in the face of the Israeli occupation and its schemes and defending the Palestinians’ rights and interests.