Hamas rejects US stance on West Bank annexation

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The US position on the Israeli plans to annex the occupied West Bank is illegal and runs afoul of international law and resolutions, head of Hamas’ Media Division Abroad Rafat Morra has said.

In a statement on Wednesday evening, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that annexing the occupied West Bank “is an Israeli deicision,” providing a US political cover for the Israeli occupation to proceed with its illegal annexation plans.

Morra, in a press release Thursday, voiced his movement’s refusal of the American stance in this regard, which “reflects the American bias towards the Israeli occupation in disregard of our people’s historical rights and interests and the nature of the Palestinian cause.”

In response to the American posture, Morra called for unifying the Palestinian position, reinforcing the Palestinian national unity, and embracing the option of resistance against the Israeli occupation.