Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas urges PA to end arrests over humanitarian work, political views

04 May, 20

The arrest campaigns  by Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces over social work or political views are rejected, member of Hamas Political Bureau Husam Badran said, calling for a complete end to such practice.

In a press statement, Badran stressed that his movement would not spare any effort to foil Israeli plans to annex parts of the occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian resistance is committed to releasing Palestinian detainees and making a real progress in the prisoner swap talks with the Israeli occupation, confirmed Badran.     

Badran explained that PA security forces had arrested many of Hamas members in the West Bank for distributing vouchers to poor people, noting that the West Bank-based administration wanted to deliver a message that no one could provide aid to people in need except through its security services or the Fatah-affiliated emergency committees. 

Despite of all calls condemning such arrests, Badran continued, the PA security services have made no promise and taken no serious action to end its crackdown on Palestinians.   

Badran regretted banning Palestinians from assuming their role and duty towards their people for having different political views or belonging to other factions.

Noting that some Palestinians were detained over a Facebook post or comment critical of the PA’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, Badran affirmed that individual and public freedoms are a natural right for each Palestinian.

National ties are in crisis

Palestinian national relations have been weakening for a while even though positive developments have been anticipated after the rollout of the “deal of the century” and during the COVID-19 pandemic, Badran demonstrated.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, Badran continued, Hamas has expressed its willingness to take part in a joint Palestinian action to battle the deadly virus.

Badran noted that Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh had taken the initiative and called PA officials to enhance partnership and promote joint national action against the novel virus but such efforts had failed despite of the “positive language” used by Haniyeh when he phoned Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh and PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

Badran welcomed any initiative made by Palestinian figures in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, or in Europe to restore national unity, regretting that the PA and Fatah had taken no positive stance towards such proposals.   

West Bank annexation

Badran warned against the Israeli occupation’s plans to extend its sovereignty over the occupied West Bank, calling for a true national unity to be promoted on the basis of a national programme agreed upon by all Palestinian factions.

The United States’ linking annexation plans with starting negotiations is a just a charade in which the US “disclosed its real face by being completely in line with the right wing in the Israeli occupation,” Badran added.      

Badran denounced annexation of West Bank as a “crime and a new Nakbah committed against the Palestinian people by the Israeli occupation government with a direct US cover.”   

Palestinian detainees

Hamas is doing everything poaaible to release all Palestinians held in Israeli jails and is ready to sacrifice everything it has in this regard, reiterated Badran.

As for a prisoner swap deal with the Israeli occupation, Badran reaffirmed that his movement is interested in making a “real achievement” rather than going into details through the media.  

Normalisation is unacceptable

Badran restated his movement’s complete rejection of normalisation of ties with the Israeli occupation, pointing out that normalisation is aimed to legitimise the occupation.

Normalisation activities at the cultural level are also rejected at a popular scale by all Arab and Muslim nations, Badran concluded.