Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas praises letter penned by 130 British MPs to press for sanctions on Israeli occupation over West Bank annexations

04 May, 20

Commenting on a letter signed by nearly 130 British MPs to press for imposing sanctions on the Israeli occupation over plans to annex swaths of the occupied West Bank, Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qasem stated the following:

We hail the position taken by nearly 130 British politicians to challenge the Israeli threats to annex new parts of the occupied West Bank. They have penned the letter to the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to urge him to impose sanctions over the annexations, which are illegal under the international law.

Such a stance, along with the very many remarks made by political officials worldwide condemning the Israeli plans, show that the US-backed Israel coalition government is in a political crisis.

We call on all states and organisations that expressed rejection of the Israeli annexation plans to go ahead with more serious and practical moves to hinder the occupation’s schemes and hold the Israeli leaders accountable for their crimes against the Palestinians and their lands and properties.