Hamas Islamic Resistance

Report: Israeli occupation exploits coronavirus outbreak to cover violations in WB

04 May, 20

Israeli occupation forces have committed 1,015 violations against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem over the past month amid a surge in Israeli settler attacks and illegal settlement activity, Hamas Media Division has reported.

In a report released on Monday, the West Bank-based Bureau explained that the Israeli occupation army had exploited the COVID-19 emergency to escalate the violations and abuses against Palestinians, especially in Jerusalem, where 260 violations were documented, followed by Hebron and Nablus, with 123 and 121 violations reported respectively.     

The report highlighted a spike in raids carried out by Israeli occupation forces in occupied Jerusalem, where the number of raids has jumped from 24 in March to 74 in April.

Israeli violations also included 181 arrest campaigns and 77 demolitions of shops, agriculture facilities, among other structures. 

As for Israeli settler violence against the Palestinian people, the report documented 72 attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinians and their properties.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, Israeli occupation forces have perpetrated nine violations against Palestinian health workers on the frontlines against the deadly virus.

Defying the preventative measures taken against the COVID-19 pandemic, Israeli occupation forces have stormed Palestinian towns and villages across the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem 212 times over the last month, according to the report.

The report, in addition, documented incidents in which Israeli occupation forces were caught spitting and coughing on the doors of Palestinian homes and vehicles, just as they did in a raid on Hebron’s Old City, and throwing used medical devices, including masks and injections in Palestinian areas, in a deliberate attempt to spread the deadly virus among the Palestinian people.