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Hamas calls for ‘serious’ action after banks closed Palestinian detainees’ accounts

07 May, 20

Hamas official Majed Hassan has called for a serious and decisive stance to be taken after accounts of Palestinian detainees were closed at some banks.

In a press release Thursday, Hassan urged the Palestinian public and social media activists to take a unified stance towards this move and boycott every bank that has closed the accounts of Palestinian detainees.

Warning against this “serious” step, Hassan urged all concerned sides at official and popular levels to assume their responsibility and immediately act to solve this issue.

Hassan held the West Bank-based government and the Palestinian Monetary Authority responsible for this move, as it is officially in charge of banks and monitor their work.   

The Hamas official hoped that the Palestinian people would once again “embody an honourable national position” and support Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons.

Bowing to pressures from the Israeli occupation, Arab and Palestinian banks have closed accounts of families of Palestinian martyrs and detainees.