Hamas Islamic Resistance

Statement: US ambassador’s remarks about Israeli occupation’s sovereignty over Hebron are shameless

08 May, 20

Press release
Press release

On the remarks made by the US ambassador to the Israeli occupation David Friedman that the US administration is preparing to recognise the Israeli occupation’s sovereignty over Hebron and that the occupation has the right to annex parts of the West Bank, Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qasem stated the following:

Friedman’s statements are shameless and rude. We see such remarks as a new flagrant violation against the Palestinian people’s rights. The Trump administration goes ahead with fabrications, which are in line with the aggressive demeanour of the Israeli right-wing.

A historical fact that no one can change is that the Palestinian people have the right to this land from the river to the sea. The Palestinians will continue their freedom struggle until they liberate every single inch in Palestine and establish the free, independent Palestinian state.