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Hamas calls for unified, national programme to face West Bank annexation

10 May, 20

Musa AbuMarzouq, Senior Hamas Official
Musa AbuMarzouq, Senior Hamas Official

Member of Hamas Political Bureau Mousa Abu Marzouq stressed that facing Israeli plans to annex the occupied West Bank had to be through a unified, national programme based on embracing the resistance option and abandoning negotiation approach. 

In a press release, Abu Marzouq pointed to Israeli plans that came into effect with the 1967 Israeli occupation of the West Bank by building illegal settlements west and east of the West Bank, in what is now known as the Jordan Valley area, which makes about 30 per cent of the occupied West Bank.

The West Bank, home to three million Palestinians and where 750,000 Israeli settlers live in settlements and outposts, illegal under international law, is the core of the Palestinian struggle at this stage and the focus of agreement between the Palestine Liberation Organisation and Israeli occupation, confirmed Abu Marzouq.

By enforcing annexation plans, Abu Marzouq continued, all deal would be null and void and the Israeli occupation would have broken all agreements, which have never been in favour of the Palestinians.  

Abu Marzouq highlighted the Palestinian consensus to reject the US-Israeli deal targeting the West Bank, pointing to an international semi-consensus against the implementation of such plan and Arab consensus to reject it as long as the Palestinian people do.  

Dividing the West Bank and preventing any connection between its cities, towns, and villages are among the serious consequences of the annexation plans, Abu Marzouq demonstrated, pointing out that the West Bank is divided up to 28 parts with no geographical links except for some Israeli routes and tunnels.  

If the Israeli occupation proceeds with its plan to annex the West Bank, it will confiscate Palestinian fertile agricultural lands, take over holy sites and water resources, leaving three million people with no actual resources or water supplies, Abu Marzouq added.

Other serious ramifications of the Israeli annexation would be isolating the West Bank from its Arab surrounding and imposing full Israeli control over the Palestinian people and their lands, continued Abu Marzouq.

To fight off the Israeli annexation of the West Bank, Abu Marzouq called for formulating a national programme, based on the resistance option, to face off all plans targeting the Palestinian cause.

The senior Hamas official urged the Palestinian Authority to terminate all agreements signed with Israeli occupation and withdraw its recognition of the Israeli occupation, reiterating the necessity for an Arab action to be taken in support of the Palestinian people.

Abu Marzouq called for an international action against the Israeli annexation of Palestinian lands and urged all legal and human rights groups and international courts to foil such plan and grant the Palestinian people their freedom.