Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on Abbas-organised meeting in Ramallah

14 May, 20

Commenting on a leadership meeting set for Saturday, May 16, 2020 in Ramallah, Hamas states the following:

1- Israeli plans to annex large parts of the occupied West Bank is a very serious move that comes as part of Israeli and US actions, such as the US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli occupation, the “deal of the century”, and colonial policies, among others.

2- Palestinian, Arab, and international official response has not been strong enough to face off Jerusalem’s annexation and the “deal of the century.” Nonetheless, the Palestinian official position was very weak, which, in turn, has encouraged the Israeli occupation to proceed with its policies.    

3- Refighting this project that targets the Palestinian cause with the same expired means and mechanisms is a waste of time and Palestinian capabilities and a further incentive for the Israeli occupation to go ahead with its plans.

4- Hamas believes that facing off this Israeli project through a meeting in Ramallah in which neither Hamas nor other Palestinian resistance factions can actually participate is useless and a waste of precious time in which a conspiracy targeting the Palestinian people is being orchestrated.

5- Hamas calls on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to invite the Palestinian Leadership Framework, including the secretary generals of the Palestinian factions, for an urgent meeting via to agree on an effective, national strategy to face off annexation plans and the Israeli-US project amid the futile regional and international action.     

6- We are confident that the Palestinian people and resistance are capable of foiling such projects if they succeeded in unifying their positions and agreed on a vision and strategy to fight off the occupation in a way that would prompt all loyal and honest sides at the Arab, Islamic, and international levels to support the Palestinian people in the quest for their rights.

Given that Hamas has not received an official invitation for this meeting, the movement will not take part in this summit and reiterates its readiness to participate in any serious meeting capable of making a change.