Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on Palestinian child killed by Israeli occupation

14 May, 20

Commenting on the killing of Palestinian child Zaid Qaysia by Israeli occupation forces in al-Fawwar camp near Hebron, Hamas states the following:

 Hamas mourns the killing of Palestine minor Zaid Fadel Qaysia, 15, who was shot dead by the Israeli occupation army in al-Fawwar refugee camp in Hebron.

We stress that the blood of Palestinian martyrs is the fuel of Palestinian struggle for freedom, independence, and ending the occupation.

On this sad occasion, we reiterates the necessity to prosecute the Israeli occupation in all international courts for its crimes against and the deliberate shooting of Palestinian children in cold blood.

Moreover, Hamas warns the Israeli occupation government against continuing the aggression against the Palestinian people.

The raids and killings carried out by Israeli occupation forces will not break the Palestinian determination to resist the occupation, as the Palestinian people have taken a firm decision to face off annexation, judaisation, and settlement expansion.