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Hamas chief: National meetings with no clear agenda are pointless

14 May, 20

Head of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh said that national unity is on top of Hama's agenda, although no positive response to previous initiatives to heal the split has been received from Fatah.

In an interview with Al-Jazeera, the Hamas chief highlighted that the movement has made many concessions to end the intra-Palestinian division, but no positive outcomes have been achieved, unfortunately.

Haniyeh highlighted that Hamas has responded positively to invitations by Palestinian Authority’s President Mahmoud Abbas to participate in national meetings, the last of which was one held in the walks of announcing the Trump’s deal.

“But no serious results were reached after such meetings… so any similar invitations lack seriousness because they are not based on a national strategy,” Hamas chief said.

Haniyeh said that Hamas invites Mahmoud Abbas to call for the leadership framework meeting to study three major issues: restructuring the Palestinian home, handling the current political situation, and developing a comprehensive national strategy to arrange resistance activities.

Concerning the situation in the Gaza Strip amid the outbreak of coronavirus, Haniyeh said that Gaza has succeeded in battling the coronavirus, thanks to the efforts of the Palestinian government in Gaza and the support provided by Hamas.

“But the situation is still dangerous due to the Israeli blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip,” he confirmed.

On the occasion of the Palestinian Nakba, the top Hamas leader said: “Today marks the 72nd anniversary of usurping Palestinian and displacing its people [by Zionist gangs], but we mark 72 of resistance and steadfastness, on the other hand.”

As regards the so-called “Deal of Century”, the Hamas chief stressed that such a plan will not pass and the Palestinian people are capable of aborting the US and Israeli schemes.

Haniyeh noted that some endeavours to reach a prisoner swap deal have been made following the initiative announced by senior Hamas official Yahya al-Sinwar.

“But no breakthrough has been achieved so far because the Israeli occupation lacks seriousness and handles the situation shallowly,” the Hamas chief stated.

He added that Hamas will increase the demands in case the Israeli occupation doesn’t respond to or handle the talks seriously.