Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on 72nd anniversary of Palestinian Nakba

16 May, 20

The modern history has never witnessed a crime like the occupation of Palestine, displacing the Palestinians, and dispossessing them of their homes in 1948 by Zionist colonisers. Zionist gangs launched a barbaric war against the defenseless Palestinian people, committed atrocious crimes against them, forced them out of their homes, took over their resources, and wiped out their architecture features.    

This year May 15 comes to remind of that date which has been stuck in the memory of the Palestinian people and inflicted pain and suffering on millions of Palestinians, from the first generation that was forcefully displaced at the hands of the atrocious Zionist gangs 72 years ago to all ensuing Palestinian generations who are suffering from its ramifications every dawn.    

The anniversary of the Palestine Nakba this year comes as other nakbas (catastrophes) endured by the Palestinian people, who yet have been standing steadfast for 72 years and have not given in to the occupation. Faced off by the Palestinian resilience, the Israeli occupation started to look for other ways to break the Palestinians’ will and legitimise its colonial occupation of their lands through the “deal of the century” that plans the annexation of the Jordan Valley, which makes about 35% of the occupied West Bank.    

On this anniversary, the world discovers the Palestinian sacrifices, martyrs, detainees, and wounded and the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and their determination to restore their legitimate rights, the foremost among them is the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties. 

In light of these escalating developments and serious challenges facing the Palestinian cause, Hamas states the following:

First: Hamas salutes the Palestinian people in Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza, and the 1948 occupied territories, as well as in the diaspora, urging them to widely and effectively participate in all activities held to commemorate the Nakba.

Second: The Palestinian movement reiterates its absolute rejection to all projects aimed to liquidate the Palestinian cause or undermine Palestinian rights, above all the “deal of the century” and annexation plans that the Israeli occupation intends to implement soon.

Third: Highlighting the Palestinian people’s right to resist the occupation with all means possible, above all the armed resistance, which is a strategic option to defend the Palestinian people and restore their rights, Hamas calls for sticking to inclusive resistance as an effective national strategy.   

Fourth: Hamas restates its commitment to national unity as the basis for facing off the Israeli occupation and its schemes. As it sanctifies national unity, Hamas has made several concessions and showed great flexibility to end intra-Palestinian division. 

Fifth: In light of this imminent threats, Hamas reaffirms the necessity to raise the awareness of the Palestinian people and set up an inclusive, national strategy by calling for an urgent meeting of the Palestine Liberation Organisation’s Temporary Leadership Framework to discuss the consequences of annexing Palestinian lands instead of holding mock meetings under the spears of the Israeli occupation.

Sixth: Palestinian detainees in Israeli occupation jails will remain a top priority for Hamas; we will not spare an effort to release them ALL from Israeli prisons. This is a promise the Hamas leadership has made. 

Seventh: Hamas restates its total rejection to all forms of normalisation with the Israeli occupation and considers it a stab in the back of the Palestinian people, a violation of their rights, and an incentive for the Israeli occupation to commit more crimes and violations against them and their holy sites.