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Hamas voices solidarity with Palestinian freed detainee Ahlam al-Tamimi

17 May, 20


Member of Hamas Political Bureau Husam Badran restated his movement’s support with freed Palestinian detainee Ahlam Tamimi, residing in Jordan.

In a phone call, Badran added that the Palestinian people and Arab and Muslim nations “know well” how to protect their freedom fighters against threats regardless of who stands behind them.

Last week, seven Republicans in the US Congress sent a letter to the Jordanian embassy in Washington threatening to impose sanctions on the Hashemite Kingdom if it fails to extradite the Jordanian citizen. 

Badran denounced such threats as “cheap blackmail” by the Zionist lobby against Jordan, which takes a “respectful” stance on this case.

Urging Jordan to continue fulfilling its role in protecting Tamimi, Badran called on the Jordanian people and all free people around the world to launch a large-scale campaign in solidarity with Palestinian freedom fighters.

The Hamas official also called on Egypt, as a broker of the 2011 prisoner swap deal with the Israeli occupation, to assume its role in facing off Israeli breaches of the agreement, including the rearrests of a number of Palestinians freed in that deal and the incitement against freed detainees abroad, the foremost among them is Ahlam Tamimi.  

Every Palestinian has the right to resist the occupation and injustices with all means possible, Badran stressed, noting that such right is guaranteed by all international conventions and laws.

Since her release in Oct. 2011 as part of the Wafa al-Ahrar swap deal, Tamimi returned to the Jordanian capital Amman.

Tamimi has been receiving US threats since her release even though she had spent more than 10 years in Israeli jails.