Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on increasing rejection of normalisation with Israeli occupation

17 May, 20

The growing rejection of normalisation with the Israeli occupation and Israeli-US plans targeting the Palestinian cause and rights by Arab and Muslim peoples and friends of the Palestinian people confirms that Palestine and the al-Aqsa Mosque enjoy a great value in the hearts and minds of all Arabs and Muslims.

Islamic nations and the Arab states will not forget Palestine no matter how some sides try to conspire against them, undermine their awareness, divide them up, and steal their resources.

All attempts to intimidate, terrorise, suppress the Palestinian people, as well as security coordination with the Israeli occupation, will only increase the Palestinians’ determination to continue the freedom struggle at any cost. An all-out Palestinian uprising against the Israeli occupation is a matter of time.  

We stress that restoring the unity of Arab and Muslim nations, dedicating resources in the fight against the Israeli occupation and in support of Palestinian resistance to liberate Palestine is the duty and responsibility all free people of the world.