Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on Abbas’ declaration that PA is free from commitments under Oslo Accords

21 May, 20

Hamas followed up the speech given the day before yesterday in Ramallah about the Palestinian Authority’s response to the ‘Deal of Century’ and the US-backed Israeli drive to annex new portions from the West Bank.

Although the same assertions have been made many times on different occasions, the movement believes that the PA’s declaration  that it is absolved of all security and political agreements and understandings with the Israeli occupation under Oslo Accords, above all security collaboration with the occupation, MUST be translated into actions on the ground with clear, specific steps.

The PA’s announcement confirms that the position taken by Hamas towards Oslo Accords 27 years ago is true. By necessity, this stance entails that the PA must abandon negotiations with the Israeli occupation which has met a deadlock.

We call upon the Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas to translate this announcement into actions in legal and political arenas, including support for the freedom struggle against the Israeli occupation. Additionally, Abbas MUST organise a meeting for the Leadership Framework of the Palestinian factions, which has been already agreed upon by all political parties. To be effective in putting forward a national strategy to face off the dangers posed to the Palestinian cause, such a meeting should be far from the pressure from or intervention by the Israeli occupation.

Hamas confirms that confronting the annexation plans and the ‘Deal of the Century’ requires a comprehensive national programme and a strategic plan developed consensually by all Palestinian factions.

Hamas reiterates that it adheres to resisting the Israeli occupation with all means possible. Resistance is an option accepted by all Palestinians; therefore, the movement urges the Palestinian people to be prepared for the coming sensitive, dangerous stage.