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Israeli occupation detained 1,850 Palestinians since January 2020, finds rights group

02 June, 20

The Israeli occupation uses arrests as a collective punishment means against the Palestinian people to break their willpower, Palestinian Prisoner Centre for Studies.

In its report, the Palestinian organisation documented 1,850 arrests of Palestinians by Israeli occupation forces since the start of this year.

Arrests have targeted all groups, including women, children, ex-detainees, patients, elderly and people with disabilities and special needs, human rights activists, fishermen, journalists, and parliamentarians, the NGO group explained.

Since the beginning of 2020, the non-profit organisation continued, Israeli occupation troops detained 48 Palestinian women and 266 children, including minors under the age of ten.

The report highlighted the case of Suhila Abu Baker who was detained four times during which she was subjected to harsh interrogation, including verbal and physical abuse.

The Gaza-based rights group reported the arrest of eight Palestinian journalists detained while covering Israeli crimes against Palestinians or after storming their homes.

Last April, Palestinian detainee Nour al-Barghouthi died due to medical negligence in the Naqab prison, the human rights organisation added.  

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the advocacy group warned, arrests put the lives of Palestinian at risk as the Israeli occupation ignores precautionary measures against the deadly virus during its arrest campaigns, let alone providing medical supplies and sanitisers for Palestinian detainees to prevent any possible outbreak of COVID-19 inside its prisons, while refusing to release the detainees most affected by the novel virus, including women, children, sick and elderly people.

In spite of their serious implications, arrests have failed to discourage the Palestinian people from continuing their fight to restore their rights and holy sites, the group concluded.