Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on Israeli arrest campaign against Hamas members

03 June, 20

The arrest campaign conducted on Tuesday by Israeli occupation forces against Hamas supporters and officials in the occupied West Bank, including the parliamentarian Khalid Suliman along with former detainees, is an attempt to intimidate Palestinian citizens and figures into not stating their position on Israeli annexation plans.

The increasing pace of arrests, assaults, shootings, and threats to demolish dozens of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem comes under efforts by Israeli occupation leaders to commence preparations for the annexation of the West Bank, which requires an inclusive, national action and programme to face off Israeli occupation’s steps on the ground and its attempt to impose a fait accompli on occupied Palestinian territory.   

We stress that raising public awareness to defend Palestinian national rights needs a unified, national rhetoric, measures, and inclusive meetings on the ground, primarily aimed to foil annexation plans and break the will of Israeli occupation that is trying to eradicate Palestinian national identity for which tens of thousands of martyrs have fallen in a national struggle. 

The scenes of Palestinians defending the al-Aqsa Mosque and standing up against Israeli bids to take control and divide the Muslim sacred compound is an actual reflection of the willpower of the Palestinian people in the face of colonialism and Israeli schemes and their ability to thwart them.