Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas calls for mass political, media action to face West Bank annexation

03 June, 20

Head of Hamas’ Media Division Abroad Rafat Morra has called for a massive political and media action to face Israeli annexation plans.

Highlighting the Palestinian identity and national status of the West Bank in Palestinian history, Morra warned against the serious implication of the Israeli annexation of the occupied West Bank on the Palestinian cause and presence.

To fight off such move, Morra called for restoring Palestinian national unity at home and abroad on the basis of resisting the occupation with all means possible.

Israeli plans targeting the occupied West Bank will lead to further Israeli terrorist practices against the Palestinian people and pose a threat to the Palestinian existence and the Palestinian national identity, Morra pointed out.

Morra reiterated the necessity to defend the occupied West Bank against Israeli annexation plans, saying that this is a “national, humanitarian mission for all those embracing the resistance option and endorsing Palestinian rights.”   

As he denounced the planned annexation of the West Bank as a direct threat to Palestinians, Morra stressed that the Palestinian people have the right to defend their national right.