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On Naksa Day, Hamas chief reiterates rejection of annexation plans, urges the international community to intervene

06 June, 20

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-10 at 7.28.21 PM
WhatsApp Image 2019-11-10 at 7.28.21 PM

Head of Hamas Political Bureau has given a speech on the university of the Palestinian setback Naksa to confirm the movement’s unwavering position towards land grab by the Israeli occupation.

In his speech, Haniyeh confirmed that the movement adheres to national unity as a strategic option for the Palestinians, confirming that the movement is prepared to participate in any meetings for Palestinian officials to agree upon a national project that addresses the grave dangers facing the Palestinian people and land.

He also confirmed that Hamas always looks forward to more coordination and collaboration with the Islamic and Arab Ummahs, governments and organizations, to take a firm position against schemes planned by the Israeli occupation’s government.

Addressing the international community, Haniyeh said: ‘We look forward to your support for the Palestinian people who are in a battle against the Israeli occupation defending their lands, rights, Islamic sacred places, and the Islamic history and identity of Palestine.”

The Hamas chief also highlighted the major appeals of Hamas to Arab and Islamic Ummah, the International community, and the free people of the world. Haniyeh urged the international community to respond to the following points:

1.            To intervene immediately to tackle the criminal, racist annexation policy exercised by the Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Jordan Valley. The international community should take a unified, serious stance that rejects and criminalizes annexation plans, protects holy places against Judaization and partition, backs the Palestinian residents of Jerusalem who stand steadfast in their land, and deters the Israeli occupation and forces it to stop aggressions, and blocks the accelerating Israeli terrorism, settlement, and Judaization schemes in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Al-Aqsa Mosque.

2.            To intensify contact and mobilize efforts with brotherly and friendly countries and with regional and international organizations at political and diplomatic, political, and legal levels to form a unified international position that reiterates and supports Palestinian rights. Such a position should pressure the Israeli occupation to halt settlement and the confiscation of Palestinian lands by the Israeli occupation. Additionally, the international stance should also criminalize the Israeli violations and attacks and lead to carry out investigations into Israeli crimes and hold the Israeli leaders accountable.

3.            To call for a summit in support of the unified Palestinian position rejecting and condemning settlement and Judaization schemes in the West Bank and Jerusalem, along with all plans to liquidate the Palestinian issue, especially the ones backed by the US administration. The Islamic Ummah and international community should also create a political, diplomatic, economic, and media network to protect the Palestinian national project which is based on the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people to liberate their lands and establish the independent Palestinian state.

4.            To hold the Israeli occupation responsible for escalating and accelerating the provocative schemes in the West Bank. The Palestinian people will not keep silent watching the Israeli occupation perpetrating such violations. We stress that the Palestinians, who will remain entrenched in their lands and uphold their rights to until liberation and return to their hometowns and villages, will face off the Israeli terrorism with comprehensive resistance and all means possible.

5.            The extremist Israeli governments, which have a long history of criminal acts, exploit normalization activities with some Arab and Islamic countries to implement the vicious settlement and Judaization projects. Amid the Israeli plans, we reiterate our appeal for the Arab and Islamic countries to reject and criminalize normalization with the Israeli occupation. We consider normalization an unforgivable act and a stab in the back of the Palestinian people while the Israeli occupation continues aggression and violations against the Palestinians and their lands.