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Rights group: 2,782 Palestinian detainees are given various jail sentences

08 June, 20

Israeli occupation courts have handed prison sentences to 2,782 Palestinians, including 52 children, held in its jails for various terms, a human rights group said.

In a press statement, the advocacy group explained that the new date issued by the Israeli prison administration showed a decrease in the number of Palestinian detainees, with about 4,500 Palestinians held in its prisons, nearly 85 per cent of them are from the West Bank.

The Palestinian NGO pointed out that 1,535 Palestinian detainees are serving prison sentences for more than ten years, whereas 499 others are sentenced to 10-20 years in prison.    

Some 495 Palestinian detainees have received a jail sentence for more than 20 years, while 541 others are given one life sentence or more, the Gaza-based rights group added.

The human rights organisation noted that 1,247 Palestinian detainees are sentenced to less than 10 years in jail, 886 of them are imprisoned for less than five years.  

The group stressed that the Israeli occupation resorts to arrests in defiance of international humanitarian law and international human rights law.

Israeli occupation courts hand arbitrary and harsh sentences to Palestinian detainees, as they are part of a judicial system built on injustice and oppression, the non-profit organisation affirmed.