Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on suing Palestinian detainee by Jordanian court

09 June, 20

Hamas movement was shocked by a verdict issued by the Security of Jordanian State Court on Monday, June 8, 2020, after suing a Palestinian detained in the Israeli jails and some of his family members for acts of resistance against the Israeli occupation.

We do believe that all Arab countries and the free people of the world should support the Palestinian cause, which is a core issue for the Ummah. Additionally, they should resist all plans and schemes orchestrated by the Israeli occupation, instead of prosecuting a Palestinian prisoner.

Hamas reiterates that Palestine and the Kingdom of Jordan, along with the other countries in the region, have one enemy only that is the Israeli occupation, which goes ahead with colonial projects targeting the wealth and peoples of the Arab world.

Therefore, we are all required to face off Israeli plans and projects aimed to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

Hamas condemns such a move by Jordan that coincides with Israeli plans to annex the West Bank and Jordan Valley and Judaize the holy city of Jerusalem.

Fawzi Barhoum

Hamas spokesperson