Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas calls for urgent Arab summit to face West Bank annexation

10 June, 20

Head of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh has urged for an urgent Arab-Islamic meeting to back the Palestinian position against Israeli settlement expansion and judaisation in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

In a letter sent to secretary general of the Arab League Ahmed Abu al-Gheit, Haniyeh called for a secure political, diplomatic, economic, and media network to protect the Palestinian national project, based on the Palestinians’ right to restore their lands and rights and establish their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital. 

Calling for an immediate action to face off Israeli annexation plans in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Jordan Valley, Haniyeh reaffirmed the necessity to take a unified and serious stance rejecting and criminalising annexation and judaisation projects and in support of Jerusalem’s Palestinian residents.

The chief of Hamas Political Bureau urged for intensifying communication with other countries and international and regional organisations, at the political, diplomatic, and legal levels, to shape an international stance to re-endorse legitimate Palestinian rights, place pressure on the Israeli occupation government to end its colonial projects and confiscation of Palestinian lands, and prompt the International Criminal Court to proceed with its investigation into Israeli war crimes against the Palestinian people and prosecute Israeli occupation leaders as war criminal.

Throughout its history, the Israeli occupation has been exploiting normalisation with some Arab regimes as a cover to enforce its colonial and judaisation projects, Haniyeh noted. 

Haniyeh renewed his calls to disapprove and criminalise normalisation with the Israeli occupation, condemning it as an “unforgivable sin and a stab in the chest of our people and Ummah.”

The Palestinians will not stand by in the face of such aggression and will face Israeli terrorism with inclusive resistance, Haniyeh stressed, holding the Israeli occupation responsible for its provocative plans in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Haniyeh restated his movement’s commitment to national unity as a strategic option and its readiness to take part in any Palestinian meeting to agree on a national program to face off the challenges posed to the Palestinian territories and people, reaffirming the necessity of backing the Palestinian people in their fight for their lands, rights, and holy sites.