Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas holds sit-in on anniversary of Jerusalem’s occupation

14 June, 20

Hamas has held a sit-in in Gaza in protest at Israeli measures to judaise Jerusalem and the al-Aqsa Mosque on the 53rd anniversary of the occupation of the holy city.

Delivering a speech at the popular event in Gaza, Hamas official Mosheer al-Masri stressed that the Palestinian people would continue their struggle for their rights and defend Jerusalem and all Palestine against Israeli schemes intended to liquidate the Palestinian cause, judaise Jerusalem, annex the West Bank, and implement the “deal of the century” at the expense of Palestinian historical rights and national constants. 

Al-Masri called on the Palestinian Authority to withdraw from the Oslo Accords and end security collaboration with the Israeli occupation as an effective response to the Israeli occupation undermining Palestinian rights and constants.

The Hamas official urged the PA to embrace the option of resistance and allow the Palestinian people to fight off against the occupation.

Racing against time to liquidate the Palestinian cause will only add insult to injury, al-Masri warned, noting that the Palestinian people would never give in to the Israeli occupation.