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PA’s failure to hold meeting on annexation reflects its nonseriousness: Hamas spokesperson

20 June, 20

Hazem Qasem, Hamas spokesperson
Hazem Qasem, Hamas spokesperson

The Palestinian Authority’s failure to call for a national meeting to discuss how to handle Israeli annexation plans proves that it is not being serious about facing off such move, Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qasem has said.

In a press release on Friday evening, Qasem added that Palestinian factions “don’t trust the Palestinian Authority’s intentions to suspend the agreements with the Israeli occupation.” 

Qasem called on the PA to turn its decision about its deals with the Israeli occupation into “practical steps on the ground” to completely disengage from the Israeli occupation and put an end to security collaboration. 

Qasem stressed that this step was not enough and should be followed by ending political arrests against Palestinians and embracing the option of resistance against the occupation. 

The leadership meeting should be held to formulate a unified Palestinian strategy to face off the planned Israeli annexation of the occupied West Bank, Qasem pointed out.