Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on World Refugee Day

20 June, 20

As the world commemorates the World Refugee Day on June 20, the Palestinian refugees have been experiencing unabated suffering and pain before the very eyes of the whole globe for more than 70 years. This issue is the most tragic and fairest cause. The Palestinians have been forced out of their homes and lands by Zionist gangs who destroyed their towns and villages and confiscated their properties, and were banned from returning to their homeland in spite of all international resolutions supporting their right to return to their hometowns and villages from which they were expelled by Zionist gangs in 1948.    

This anniversary comes while the Israeli occupation is planning to annex the Jordan Valley and impose sovereignty on its illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank, undermining the Palestinian refugees’ rights and aspirations to return to their homeland. 

In light of the plots that the Israeli occupation intends to implement, Hamas states the following:

1-     Hamas salutes all Palestinian refugees everywhere for their steadfastness and struggle for their right to liberation and return.

2-     We hail the role of Palestinian refugees who have fought off the occupation and preserved their national identity.

3-     We highlight the Palestinian refugees’ role in the Palestinian national action and their right to take part in the Palestinian decision making and political representation and participate in the National Council elections.

4-     We call on all countries hosting Palestinian refugees to grant them all of their civil rights, alleviate their sufferings, and provide them with all forms of care as well as rebuilding their destroyed homes.

5-     We consider the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) primarily and directly responsible for Palestinian refugees and thus should assume its responsibility by providing them with health care, education, and other services.

6-     Hamas rejects any solution proposed to undermine the Palestinian refugee issue and abolish the right of return, such as the “deal of the century”, stressing that this is an individual and legal right that cannot be waived.    

7-     We stress that the Palestinian refugees have the right to return to their home and lands from which they were forced.

We call on all Palestinian refugees in the diaspora to spare their issue any internal difference and dedicate their efforts to face off the Israeli occupation.