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Israeli courts issued 500 administrative detention verdicts in 2020

20 June, 20

Israeli military courts have issued 500 administrative detention verdicts in 2020, despite the appeals to release the detainees held in Israeli jails with no charge, a human rights center reported

In a press release, the Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies reported: “The Israeli occupation has never stopped the administrative detention policy against the Palestinians, although many appeals have been made by International organizations, including the United Nations, calling for an immediate release of the detainees held in jails administratively with no charge.”

The human rights group confirmed that there is no indictment against such detainees, but they are kept in prisons for their political activity.

The spokesperson of the Center Riyad al-Ashqar said that the Israeli occupation’s courts have issued 328 verdicts to extend the detention of Palestinians for two to six months while 172 were issued for detainees imprisoned for the first time; the administrative detention of some of them has been extended for five times.

The human rights activist considered issuing the verdicts amid this exceptional time experienced by the world a disregard for the international laws and conventions, along with the organizations that have called for their release after the life of the detainees in danger by the Israeli occupation.

“The administrative detention is a criminal policy that aims to keep Palestinians behind the bars with no legal grounds,” the spokesperson continued.

According to the statement issued by the Center, the Israeli occupation holds 400 Palestinians in administrative detention, the majority of them are prisoners freed in a prisoner swap deal with the Israeli occupation but have been rearrested.

The Center called for a serious international position towards the ‘criminal policy’ exercised by the Israeli occupation.