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Hamas sends letter to Arab Parties Conference on West Bank annexation

23 June, 20

Chief of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh has sent a letter to secretary-general of Arab Parties Conference Qassem Saleh about the dangers of the “deal of the century” and Israeli annexation plan.

Ali Baraka, member of Hamas’ Arab and Islamic Relations Office, handed the letter to Saleh, in which Haniyeh highlighted the threats posed by the “deal of the century” to the Palestinian cause, especially plans to judaise Jerusalem and annex large swaths from the occupied West Bank.

Haniyeh called on Arab governments and popular parties to act urgently towards the US President Donald Trump’s plan and its repercussions on Palestine and the whole region.   

In return, Saleh voiced the Arab Parties Conference’s support for the Palestinian people and their just cause.

Saleh added that the Arab parties are ready to act in support of the Palestinian option of resistance against the occupation and the fight against the Trump’s deal and its consequences, particularly the Israeli plans to annex West Bank territory and judaise Jerusalem.