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Israeli occupation demolished 70 Palestinian homes in two weeks, OCHA finds

24 June, 20

The Israeli occupation has demolished or confiscated 70 Palestinian structures in the occupied West Bank over the past two weeks, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has said.

In its “Protection of Civilians” report covering the period between June 2 and 15, the UN body explained that such demolitions had left 90 Palestinians homeless and affected more than 280 others.

The number of Palestinian houses destroyed by the Israeli occupation in the last two weeks marks a 250 per cent compared to the weekly average number of homes demolished since the start of this year, OCHA added

Among the most targeted areas is the Massafer Yatta, south of the West Bank city of Hebron, where the Israeli occupation has destroyed 17 houses, cisterns and livelihood-related structures.

OCHA noted that the area is designated by the Israeli occupation as a “firing zone” for military training, adding that its 1,300 residents are facing forcible transfer.   

Nine of the damaged Palestinian structures are located in occupied Jerusalem, OCHA continued, pointing out that four of them were demolished by their owners to avoid paying exorbitant demolition fees.

OCHA voiced concern about the surge in home demolitions and displacement of Palestinians amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the last two weeks, Israeli occupation forces shot and wounded 25 Palestinians, including nine children, in the occupied West Bank, 22 of them were reported during the weekly, anti-settlement protests in Kafr Qaddoum in eastern Qalqilia.

The report found that 12 of the injured people were shot with rubber-coated bullets and another one with a tear gas canister fired by Israeli occupation forces, whereas two others sustained injuries after being attacked by Israeli occupation soldiers. 

During the reporting period, Israeli occupation troops have carried out 120 search-and-arrest campaigns throughout the occupied West Bank, in which 190 Palestinians were detained.

Meanwhile, Israeli occupation forces opened fire into the areas adjacent to Gaza’s eastern fence in at least 35 incidents as part of a bid to restrict access of Palestinians to their lands. 

Israeli settlers wounded ten Palestinians and vandalised at least 90 olive trees and ten Palestinian-owned vehicles in the occupied West Bank, the UN report noted.