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Report: 269 Palestinians held in Israeli jails are from Gaza

24 June, 20

A human rights group has said that 269 Palestinian detainees from the Gaza Strip are imprisoned in Israeli jails, which comprises about 6% of the total number of Palestinian detainees.

In a press statement, the NGO group explained that the vast majority of Gaza’s detainees, including two women, are held in the Naqab, Nafha, and Rimon prisons.

Some 28 Palestinian detainees from the Gaza Strip are serving one life sentence or more.

Detained since 17 May 1996, Palestinian detainee Hassan Salam, from the Gaza Strip, has been given the longest prison sentence, with 48 life sentences and a 20-year jail term.

The Palestinian non-profit organisation added that 81-year-old Fouad al-Shobaki is the oldest Palestinian detainee in Israeli prisons. 

Other 54 Palestinian detainees were given jail terms for 20 years or less than a life sentence.

Six of Gaza’s detainees have been imprisoned for more than 25 years in Israeli jails, the Gaza-based rights organisation pointed out, adding that Diaa al-Faloji, who has been detained since 12 October 1992, is the oldest Gazan detainee in Israeli prisons. 

Just as all Palestinians held in Israeli jails, Gaza’s detainees are imprisoned in harsh detention conditions, suffer from ill-treatment and abuse, and are denied access to health care, the human rights group demonstrated. 

The Israeli prison administration has aggravated their suffering by banning their families from visiting them and not providing them with alternative means to stay in contact with beloved ones due to the coronavirus outbreak.