Hamas Islamic Resistance

Political Bureau meets, warns against annexation firmly

27 June, 20

The Political Bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas held a meeting to discuss the developments concerning the Palestinian cause, especially the ‘Deal of the Century’ and the Israeli annexation plans, along with expected horrible outcomes of the Israeli push.

The meeting coincided with the anniversary of capturing Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit by the Palestinian resistance in 2006, which was followed by a prisoner swap deal with the Israeli occupation leading to the release of 1027 Palestinian detainees from Israeli jails. On this occasion, the top Hamas leaders confirmed that the issue of the Palestinian detainees is a top priority for the movement.

Among the meeting agenda was the Israeli attempts to judaize Jerusalem and the planned temporal and spatial division of Al-Aqsa. The Hamas officials confirmed that they will take all measures to hinder Israeli endeavours in this regard.

In light of the developments, Hamas Political Bureau states the following:

  1. Hamas reiterates absolute rejection of the ‘Deal of the Century’ as a whole and rejects the annexation plans and land theft intended by the Israeli occupation.  We warn against the horrible consequences of the Israeli push to annex occupied Palestinian territories.
  2. Amid the grave dangers, Hamas calls on the Palestinian factions to have a unified position against the annexation plans and to agree upon a comprehensive, national strategy to resist the Israeli occupation and thwart colonial schemes.
  3. We hail all efforts exerted by Palestinian factions against the Israeli annexation plans. Additionally, we urge the Palestinians inside Palestine and in the diaspora to launch large-scale popular activities in response to the Israeli annexation plans. We also urge Fatah to put all political differences aside because the current circumstances push every one of us to unite.
  4. On this difficult time and at this historic moment, Hamas invites the factions to hold a national meeting to agree upon a comprehensive, national strategy to face off the intended annexation. We warn against making any concessions or compromises that would tempt the Israeli occupation to go ahead with more crimes and violations.
  5. Hamas calls upon the Arab and Islamic nations, along with the free people of the world, to place the Palestinian issues again on top of their agenda and to support the consensual stance of the Palestinian people against annexation and land theft, which are extensions of the ‘Deal of the Century’.
  6. Hamas warns against normalisation efforts that aim to shatter the unwavering Arab position against annexation. The Arab countries must criminalise any normalisation activity at all levels.
  7. The movement invites the peoples of the region and the free people of the world to show solidarity with the Palestinian cause at this difficult time.

The Hamas leadership concluded that any step by the Israeli occupation to steal Palestinian lands under the name of annexation or the ‘Deal of the Century’ will be considered a new assault on the Palestinians and a landmark in the conflict with the Israeli occupation. Hamas will take all measures and use all means available, above all the comprehensive resistance, to face off the Israeli annexation plans.