Hamas chief sends letter to Global Return Campaign

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Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh has sent a letter to the general coordinator of the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine Sheikh Yousef Abbas.

The letter was delivered by Ali Baraka, member of Hamas’ National Relations Office, to Abbas in his office in Beirut.

Haniyeh called for Abbas to work through Islamic organisations and associations to protect the Palestinian project, based on the Palestinians’ right to defend their lands, constants, and holy sites.  

The top Hamas official urged civil society organisations to mobilise the popular, public opinion in Arab and Muslim nations to effectively act and reject Israeli plots and schemes.    

During the meeting, Baraka discussed the latest developments related to the Palestinian cause and the challenges facing it at this critical phase, expressing his appreciation to the efforts exerted by the Campaign to establish a network between civil society groups around the globe.

Meanwhile, Abbas reiterated the necessity to unify all Arab and Islamic efforts and put aside differences due to their negative impact on the core Arab and Muslim issues.