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In joint press conference with Fatah: Hamas ready for united work against annexation

02 July, 20

Israeli annexation plan requires serious actions by all Palestinian factions to block the Israeli annexation plan, Hamas deputy chief Saleh al-Arouri has said.

In a joint press conference with Fatah on Thursday, al-Arouri called for all Palestinian factions to get engaged in the fight against the annexation plan.

Hamas is ready

Hamas is ready to take part in any unified national action and make sacrifices to face off the Israeli occupation, stressed al-Arouri.

Al-Arouri explained that should the Israeli occupation annex parts of the occupied West Bank and took control over Jerusalem and Jordan Valley, it would “whet its appetite” to annex more occupied Palestinian territory, given that the West Bank is deemed strategic for it. 

The annexation plan is a seriously unprecedented measure that the Israeli occupation is willing to forcefully displace the Palestinians to enforce it on the ground, al-Arouri affirmed.   

Palestinians will face off the plan

Al-Arouri pointed out that the Palestinian people would face off such plots and would not live with this fait accompli.

The annexation move is seen as an end to the two-state solution as no Palestinian state can be established in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip if this plan was implemented, al-Arouri added.

Al-Aroui affirmed that no Palestinian faction would accept half-solutions proposed by the Israeli occupation and the US administration. 

The senior Hamas official called for all Palestinians to get engaged in the national joint action against the annexation plan.

Annexation is bound to fail

Al-Arouri confirmed that Hamas is working on mobilising Arab, Muslim, and international efforts to provide support for the Palestinian people in the struggle against the annexation project.

Citing the al-Qassam Bridges spokesperson Abu Obaida’s remarks in which he announced that the Israeli annexation of the occupied West Bank is a “declaration of war”, al-Arouri reiterated that the annexation plan is doomed to fail.