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Hamas says delaying annexation is US-Israeli trick, urges for Palestinian unity

02 July, 20

Khalid Meshal, Senior Hamas Official
Khalid Meshal, Senior Hamas Official

The postponement of the annexation plan is a US-Israeli trick that is not aimed to backtrack on the Israeli move but how to enforce the plan through a deceptive tactic, Khalid Meshal, former Hamas chief, has said.

In a press release on Wednesday evening, Meshal added that this is an opportunity to restore intra-Palestinian unity, resist the Israeli occupation at all levels, and de-legitimise it at an international scale, as well as bringing the Palestinian cause into focus.

Meshal stressed that the Palestinian people with the backing of Arab and Muslim nations are capable of thwarting the Israeli plan to annex the occupied West Bank.   

Backed by the Arab and Muslim nations, the Palestinian people have been fighting off the occupation for more than100 years, as the international community has begun taking actions against the Israeli occupation, added Meshal.   

The former head of Hamas Political Bureau explained that the Israeli occupation was planning to legitimise its colonisation through a fake cover, confine the Palestinian people to a very narrow chunk of territory, and undermine the Palestinian cause.    

Meshal confirmed that liberating the occupied Palestinian territories and Jerusalem, restoring the Palestinian refugees’ right to return, and freeing all Palestinian detainees are the most pivotal segments of the Palestinian cause.

Meshal called for turning the decisions taken previously by the Palestinian Liberation Organisation’s (PLO) Central and National councils into serious action