Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on coronavirus outbreak in West Bank

07 July, 20

Hamas is following up the health situation in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem where the coronavirus is dramatically increasing in a way that raises concerns about the Palestinians’ safety and effectiveness of the measures taken against the deadly virus. 

As we pray to Allah to protect the Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem from this pandemic, we state the following:

First: Hamas salutes the Palestinian people for their steadfastness and voices solidarity with them, wishing fast and full recovery for the infected persons. 

Second: We call on the Palestinian people to completely abide by the precautionary measures, take the utmost causation to curb the spread of the novel virus and take all instructions and reconditions issued by health and official sides seriously.

Third: We urge the Ramallah-based health ministry and all government institutions to exert more efforts to protect the Palestinian people by dedicating funds and medical teams to battle the coronavirus, as protecting the Palestinians is a national duty and a collective responsibility of all official, popular, and non-governmental sides.