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Hamas in contact with Fatah to formulate plan against annexation

07 July, 20

Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qasem said that his movement was in contact with Fatah to formulate a vision about the outcomes of the joint press conference held last week and turn it into an actual work plan in which all Palestinians can take part.

In a press release, Qasem added that the efforts at this stage focused on how to face off the challenges posed to the Palestinian cause, including the “deal of the century” and concentrate on common interests with Fatah.

“This meeting is the first step to find a common ground between us and Fatah and all Palestinian factions in a way through which we should face the annexation plan,” Qasem added.

“The joint summit between Hamas deputy chief Saleh al-Arouri and secretary general of Fatah Central Committee Jebril al-Rijoub was the beginning of a new track of unified wok.”

The Hamas spokesperson called for a meeting where all Palestinian factions can participate to implement the outcomes of the Hamas-Fatah conference and unify efforts in the face of the mounting challenges facing the Palestinian cause. 

Among the outcomes of these meetings is a joint stance taken to reject the annexation plan and face off this colonial plot, Qasem pointed out.

Qasem reaffirmed that the Palestinians’ options to fight off the annexation plan are open.

The unified Palestinian position has reinforced stances of European states against the annexation move and weaken the drive of some regional sides trying to promote the “deal of the century” through normalisation with the Israeli occupation.