Hamas Islamic Resistance

A press statement: On Hamas's 28th anniversary

14 December, 15


A statement on:


28th anniversary of Hamas foundation


On the 28th anniversary of Hamas foundation, which coincides with Jerusalem intifada that defends Al-Aqsa Mosque and the sanctities in Jerusalem, Hamas is proud of its contribution to the resistance project, mainly armed resistance, after the PA abandoned it and adopted fruitless negotiations and security coordination.

Despite assassination of Hamas's prominent Leaders and cadres, Hamas did not give up Palestinian rights and constants, and had recorded unprecedented heroic acts in defending the land and people of Palestine.

Hamas had won the municipal and legislative elections, liberated Gaza from Israeli occupation and freed hundreds of Palestinian prisoners, including men and women.

Hamas and al-Qassam Brigades had defended the Palestinian people against three Israeli offensives, achieving a balance of terror and deterrence with Israeli occupation, and proving that the Palestinian people are able to defeat the Israeli siege and strangulation.

Over the years, Hamas has proved uncontainable, unbreakable despite the enemy’s plots and conspiracies. Hamas is still embraced by the Palestinian people and the noble peoples of the Arab and Muslim nations. It also remains a source of inspiration to the free peoples all over the world.

In our 28th anniversary, we in Hamas vow to continue our resistance and steadfastness until almighty Allah grants us triumph.

Hamas takes the opportunity of its 28th anniversary to emphasize the following:

  1.  Hamas will never recognize the Israeli occupation, and confirms that Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean is an Arab, Islamic country.
  2. The right of return is a sacred, nonnegotiable individual and collective right.
  3.  Jerusalem is the core of our struggle with the Israeli occupation, its holiness inspired from our faith and the blood of the martyrs, men, women and children. Therefore, we will never compromise even one inch or a grain of its soil or holy sites.
  4. We vow to free our heroic Palestinian prisoners in an honorable prisoners swap deal similar to Wfaa Alahrar's.
  5. Palestine is the trust of the nation, and it is a must for all free honest people in our nation to contribute to the liberation of Palestine. Hamas vows to remain faithful to the liberation of Palestine and to keep its weapon directed at the Israeli occupation only.
  6. We confirm that Jerusalem intifada is an opportunity for unity. We support its continuation, we call on the PA to end security coordination with Israeli occupation, and leave the illusions of peace with it, for Israel does not recognize our right to our land and holy places.
  7. We salute our people in the Occupied Territories of 1948 for their heroic struggle against Judaization schemes, particularly Sheikh Raed Salah, the families of martyrs and  wounded and worshipers at Al Aqsa Mosque.
  8. We salute the Palestinian people in Occupied West Bank who broke barriers of fear and terror of the Israeli occupation, and carried out heroic resistance operations against Israeli soldiers and settlers.
  9. We salute the Palestinian people in Gaza, who endured three Israeli brutal offensives and a nine-year-long siege, and who still struggle against all threats and conspiracies.
  10. We also salute the Palestinian refugees in the diaspora, who are suffering displacement and internal conflicts, and we urge Arab countries to honor and relieve them until they get back to their land.


The Islamic Resistance Movement

14 Dec. 2015