Hamas Islamic Resistance

Delaying prosecution of Israeli leaders will encourage them to commit more crimes, warns Hamas official

21 July, 20

Rafat Morra, head of Hamas’ Media Division Abroad, has called for prosecuting Israeli officials in political, military, and security circles for their involvement in crimes against the Palestinian people.

Commenting on the International Criminal Court’s decision on whether it can open an investigation into Israeli leaders’ war crimes against the Palestinian people, Morra said that the international judicial body is facing a “real test to achieve justice.”    

Delaying the prosecution of Israeli leaders will have negative impact on the credibility of international legal bodies and their role in achieving justice and putting an end to organized terrorism, Morra explained.

This move, Morra continued, will put the Palestinians’ lives at risk and encourage the Israeli occupation to continue its terrorist practices and crimes against Palestinians. 

Morra reaffirmed the necessity for international legal institutions to maintain their independence and assume their pivotal role in protecting civilians and achieving justice.  

The Hamas official reiterated his rejection to any pressure exerted on legal bodies or any threat made to influences their decisions.