Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas delegation meets Lebanon’s Progressive Socialist Party chief

22 July, 20

A delegation from Hamas, headed by its representative in Lebanon Ahmad Abdel Hadi, visited on Thursday evening head of the Progressive Socialist party (PSP) Walid Jumblatt in his home in Beirut.

During the meeting, Abdel Hadi said that the Palestinian cause was facing serious challenges, above all Israeli plans to annex the occupied West Bank.

Abdel Hadi called for embracing the option of resistance against the Israeli occupation and restoring the Palestinian unity, which Hamas is adamant to achieve, to reverse the annexation move.

The meeting was attended by Hamas deputy political chief in Lebanon Jihad Taha, head of Hamas’ Lebanese Relations Ayman Shanaa, head of Hamas’ Political and Media Relations Abdel Majid Awad, and Baha Bou, the PSP official in charge of Palestinian affairs.

The Hamas official reiterated that Palestinian factions were keen to maintain security and stability in Palestinian refugee camps and steer away from intra-Lebanese rifts.

Restating his movement’s opposition to all proposals to resettle Palestinian refugees and its support for their right of return, Abdel Hadi reaffirmed the necessity for granting Lebanon’s Palestinian refugees their civil and humanitarian rights so that they could live a decent live until they return to their homeland.

Jumblatt, in return, welcomed the recent rapprochement between Hamas and Fatah, stressing that all plots intended to liquidate the Palestinian cause were doomed to fail.

The Lebanese minister restated his position in support of the Palestinian cause, lauding all efforts exerted by Hamas and other Palestinian factions to preserve security and stability in Palestinian refugee camps and communities in the country.