Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas deplores US congressional resolution on military aid to Israeli occupation

26 July, 20

Member of Hamas International Relations Office Basem Naim has vehemently deplored the US Congress’s approval of a resolution to provide $38 billion in military aid to the Israeli occupation over a span of ten years.

In a press release on Sunday evening, Naim denounced this move “not only as financial support but also political cover provided by the highest legislative authority in the United States” for Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people, some of which amount to crimes against humanity. 

“Approving such resolutions at this time reinforces the logic of bullying and violation of international law followed by the Israeli occupation as it plans to annex large swathes of Palestinian territory and ethnically cleanse the Palestinian people, undermining any prospect for establishing an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital,” Naim added.  

By taking this step, Naim continued, the US has made itself a “direct partner in the aggression against our people and their historical rights.”

Naim called on the US to immediately backtrack on this decision, uphold justice in historic Palestine, and maintain international security and stability as well as adhering to the International Law.